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Some photos taken in Mongolia,
September 2008

Saichania chulsanensis, an Upper Cretaceous ankylosaurid from
the Nemegt Formation, Gobi Desert, Mongolia (above)
the famous "Fighting Dinosaurs"---Velociraptor and
Protoceratops from the Djadokhta Formation (Tugrugiin Shireh,
Gobi Desert) at the Natural History Museum, Ulaan Baatar,
Mongolia (below)


The famous Flaming Cliffs (Bayn Dzak) where Roy Chapman
Andrews led the Central Asiatic Expedition of 1923 and found the
"Protoceratops" eggs (now known
to be from an oviraptorid)
and the type locality of
Velocirator mongoliensis.


Our camp at Khulsan, Nemegt Basin at the head of the Central Sayre.

         A camel at Khulsan in the Nemegt Basin.

The "Camel Humps" at Ukhaa Tolgod. Ukhaa Tolgod is a well-known site in the Djadokhta Formation for ankylosaurids, fossil lizards and mammals.

Bones and "mummified" remains of a recent camel.

Native gers are common throughout the Gobi Desert.

A member of the local herpetofauna: the Central Asian Viper
-Agkistrodon hayls (aka Halys viper).

Examining the ruins of a juvenile Tarbosaurus skeleton. Poachers
took the teeth from the skull and destroyed the skeleton!


Our camp at Khermeen Tsav.

Large holes are evidence of illegal poaching at the site of Turgroriin Shiree. Sadly, many skeletons of Pinacosaurus were destroyed and lost to science!

A Canadian team, led by Dr. Phil Currie (right), collects an
ankylosaurid skeleton at Khermeen Tsav.

Yours truly, standing at the type locality of Prenocephale prenes.
The type specimen was collected by the Polish-Mongolian expedition
in 1972.



Reminiscent of a Georgia O'Keefe work, this is a skull of the Argali (Ovus ammon), the mountain sheep -- an endangered species of Central Asia.


Paleontologists Drs. Robert Sullivan (left) and Rinchen Barsbold (right) in the fossil preparation laboratory of the Paleontological Institution, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.


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